What could be better than enjoying a nice Tuscan dinner together after a strenuous, relaxing and/or adventurous holiday day? Culinary highlights can be enjoyed almost daily at Agriturismo Bivignano, registration directly on site. Our own cookbook with many recipes from us and our famous neighbour Vera is also on our wish list.

For a few years now we have been able to dine in the new Casa Pergolata, with its own kitchen, panoramic glass front and a long wooden table where we all enjoy the culinary delights together.

Of course, other exquisite wines from the region and other beverages (sodas, beer, spumante, grappa as well as olive oil) can also be purchased through us. Upon arrival, we will gladly provide a list with the current offer.

3-4 course menu

We will be happy to cook a 3-4 course menu, which we will put together ourselves. Important: please let us know if you are a vegetarian, we can easily accommodate this.

Countless fruit trees (apples, pears, apricots, quinces, walnuts, figs, cherries, plums) as well as young olive trees can be found on our 20-hectare property. Suitable for every season, we offer these delicious natural products. In spring and autumn, mushroom lovers also get their money's worth.