• Guided ride in the group

    1,5 - 2 hours

    50,00€ / per Person

  • Private guided ride

    1.5 - 2 hours (only possible by arrangement)

    70,00€ / per Person

  • Cappuccino Ride

    approx. 3 hours incl. café and sweet pastries

    90,00€ / per Person

  • Prosecco Ride

    approx. 3 hours incl. Prosecco, vino and snacks

    95,00€ / per Person

  • Steffi's adventurous cowboy ride

    approx. 4 hours

    100,00€ / per Person

  • Panini ride

    approx. 4 hours incl. sandwich and a drink

    110,00€ / per Person

  • Picnic ride

    approx. 5.5 hours incl. barbecue and drinks

    120,00€ / per Person

  • Day ride agriturismo

    incl. 3 course menu & drinks

    130,00€ / per Person

  • Two-day ride

    incl. full board + drinks (also for sporty beginners)

    290,00€ / per Person

  • Power riding weeks

    We offer one week accommodation, all meals incl. normal drinks as well as several 2h rides, a half day ride and a two day ride. The horses and we are very much looking forward to these somewhat special weeks for talented, sporty beginners and experienced riders. For details see Power Riding Weeks page.

    on request

  • Trail rides

    Trail rides through the beautiful Tuscan and Umbrian countryside. These special rides are carried out according to possibility, situation and number of people. For details see page trail rides.

    on request

  • Yoga Riding Week

    For details see Yoga Riding Week page.

    on request

Every beginner is well looked after in his first and further steps on horseback, we also take your fears to heart and are happy to guide you through this unforgettable and beautiful adventure. Trust us and our neighing friends, so far every guest has been thrilled. Important, if you have smaller children who would like to ride, please contact us beforehand or read our children's information on the horseback riding offer page.