Our navigation system does not find 'Casa Bivignano', what can we do?

Most navigation systems misdirect, even if they find our address. Be sure to enter 'Casa Bivignano' on Google Map, Google will direct you correctly! Or enter 'Molin Nuovo' near Palazzo del Pero and drive up on the right (if you are coming from Arezzo). Please have a look at the directions, then nothing can go wrong.

Is it possible to arrive earlier or leave later?

Unfortunately not, the next guests are already starting and will arrive on the same day. We need this time to get everything back into shape and to do the shopping. We are very grateful that our guests keep to these times.

Do you have Wi-Fi in Bivignano?

Yes, it is available in all flats and rooms, only the pergola area is not equipped with it (and yes, it is supposed to be...).

Are there house rules, information about Casa Bivignano?

Yes, we can send them to you (the information concerns our normal life in Bivignano: water, energy, rubbish, pool, wild boars and so much more).

Do you also cook vegan?

No, we don't offer that. But vegetarian is no problem. For vegans who would like to spend their holidays with us, there is the possibility to book a flat with a kitchen, then you can prepare something nice yourself.

Are small children allowed to ride?

Please have a look at the information under Our Riding Offer - and ask us in advance, we will gladly try to accommodate your wishes. However, as there are only two of us, we ride out with a group every day. We are not a pony farm, but we will gladly saddle a horse for you, so that even the smallest child can experience some closeness to these wonderful four-legged friends. If a child is able to stay on their own horse for 1.5-2 hours, we are happy to take them, situation permitting.

Can I ride in Bivignano even if I am not a guest?

That depends on the situation, we ride out with a group every day. If there are a lot of Bivignano guests riding, we don't take other riders with us. This seems only fair to our guests. The best thing is to simply ask us (by email or Whatsapp) and we will give you the appropriate information or inform you about other riding stables.

Are guest dogs allowed and can they roam freely on the property?

We often have dogs as guests here, but there are a few rules to follow. They must be kept under control and the cats must not be chased. The pool is not a dog pool and poo must be picked up. In the evening at dinner, the guest dogs are in the flats, then the cats are allowed out again.

Is it possible to rent all apartments/rooms as a group?

Of course, that has often been the case. Just let us know what plans you have. We can also suggest an individual programme at any time (wine tasting, dinner, day hike, mountain bike tours, etc.) and then calculate a flat rate.

Are vouchers available? And can you also reserve a 'date' without obligation?

Definitely YES for both. We often issue vouchers and send them to the relevant person. A provisional reservation is recommended, as we are small and often booked up quickly. So it's better to make a non-binding reservation than not to have a place. If there are further enquiries, I will ask accordingly. We are also happy to keep waiting lists and will inform you if there is a change.

We would like to go on holiday with our camper, is Bivignano suitable for this?

No, unfortunately not - the 6.4km white gravel road is not ideal for campers, and our property is not suitable for caravans, even flat areas are a rarity here. In addition, our pergola only offers space for our house guests. We are very small and unfortunately do not have more capacity. However, we can of course provide you with appropriate agriturismi or campsites in the vicinity.

Who feels comfortable in our little paradise Bivignano?

Everyone who enjoys being in an uncomplicated family environment, loves nature and animals, the peace and quiet and the dolce far niente. You don't necessarily have to ride, everyone should do what they enjoy. Bivignano is ideal for mountain bike tours and hikes. By the way: we are not a 5* luxury resort. We are a friendly little agriturismo with lovely four-legged friends. In the evenings we like to sit together with a glass of vino. Since each room / flat has its own seating area, you can also enjoy togetherness undisturbed. Just the way you like it. Two flats are also equipped with a kitchen for those who like to prepare their own culinary delights. And yes, Bivignano is also wonderfully suitable for singles, we often accommodate guests who are travelling alone - sometimes it even happens that you form a carpool. We love having nice people and animals around us!