Spectacular rides to Rimini

Jun 20, 2024

Auf den Weg nach San Leon

Time flies, we have experienced fantastic adventure rides to Rimini, a great power riding week with (almost) only ladies, normal riding weeks with lovely guests and wonderful horses and mules. Unfortunately, our animals are also getting older and will be saying goodbye at some point, so we are facing some painful farewells. The wonderful criollo gelding Mojito has sadly left us, as has our Nonnino (dog grandpa) from the animal shelter: Bobby McGee, a tender soul who had to suffer so much and only found great love at the very end. After all, we had a wonderful time together and unforgettable memories that have left a deep mark on our hearts. With this in mind, we try to live and enjoy life, currently at a yoga riding week where we laugh a lot. We are grateful to be able to host such wonderful two- and four-legged friends! If anyone would like to take part in our senior horse pasture project, please get in touch. And now we wish EVERYONE a fantastic summer with lots of shooting stars, glowing fireflies, wishes that come true and constant cleansing rain showers. Best wishes from Bivignano, your Patricia & Stefano

Magnificent spring

Apr 11, 2024

A fast start to the season! Our horses / mules have enjoyed their break and are as friendly and hard-working as ever. Bivignano has been polished to a shine and the cats are feeling the spring and are in great need of love. Nightly frog concerts are organised by the pool and the nightingale sings us to sleep. What a wonderful time! If you would like to enjoy these magical moments, please get in touch. There are still a few places available at the end of April and in June. Best wishes from today's day ride, your Bivignanesi

Cosy autumn greetings from Bivignano

Oct 26, 2023

After a hot summer, another fantastic yoga riding week (this time even with breathing meditations under the trees) and two adventurous and fun weekly rides, we will soon start our first hiking week from Bivignano and welcome autumn with open arms. The cooler days delight man and beast, a little rest awaits the whole Bivignano family. Even though we are already looking forward to the next season, we enjoy the quieter season and of course the fully booked New Year's Eve weeks with dear two and four-legged friends.

Sunny days and fireflies in Bivignano

Jul 3, 2023

Dear guests & friends

The weekly rides in May were as always grandiose, adventurous, unforgettable... Even Petrus was merciful with us (which was not a matter of course this spring). In June, apart from two normal weeks, we also enjoyed a power riding week and a yoga riding week, which were great fun. There are still 3 places available in the autumn, so.... sign up if you have the time and the inclination.

Sancha has moved into her new wonderful home, Diego is enjoying his retirement, Sam has also retired, his arthritis no longer allows for work, but they are doing well and enjoying the acres of pasture, forest and the company of the other four-legged friends.

We wish you ALL wonderful summer days, refreshing cool downs in between (whether a cool cocktail or a little shower is left to one side) and relaxed holidays.

Sunny Bivignano greetings, Patricia & Stefano and all four-legged friends

Warm spring greetings from Bivignano

Apr 4, 2023

Dear friends

After two successful working weeks, we have joyfully started the new season! Bivignano has welcomed guests with open arms. The four-legged friends are happy and enjoy long rides and lovely people (and yes, lots of grooming sessions). Even though the weather is dry, there is currently still a cool wind blowing, but the sun shines almost daily from the sky and warms people and animals.

There are still 2 places available in the Power Riding Week on June 10, as well as in April and in the Yoga Riding Week on June 24 (1 place). Just contact us, there can always be something unexpectedly free. We are happy that Bivignano always gives unforgettable moments to many two- and four-legged friends and we are looking forward to seeing you.

Best regards from Bivignano

Patricia & Stefano and all the lovely four-legged friends of our spring paradise

Wonderful September Days

Sep 9, 2022

Dear guests and those who want to be someday....

it seems like you can breathe a sigh of relief. Temperatures around 30 degrees (and not hotter!), one or two downpours, fewer horseflies but sadly no more fireflies either. Our wild boar Ernesto has also said goodbye. He still visits us from time to time, but the gates are installed, the entrance to the property is closed, he has to stay outside. The other four-legged friends are also looking forward to the late summer and to longer excursions, power riding weeks and trail rides.

Very few places are still available until November - get in touch soon if you would like to enjoy Bivignano this year. Reservations for 2023 can also be made at any time. The dates of the new trail rides, power riding weeks and yoga riding weeks will be published soon.

Have a wonderful 'old wives' summer' - can you still call it that? Anyway, just have a good time!

warm sunny greetings

patricia & stefano and the whole four-legged gang