This little oasis of peace and relaxation is located in a wonderfully wild and romantic seclusion. Amidst meadows, fruit trees. olive groves and forests - the beautiful Tuscan countryside - lies Casa Bivignano at 730 a.s.l. A restored 17th century farmhouse: a cosy, typical Tuscan residence with 2 apartments, a studio and a corner room. The main house is occupied by the owners, the side wing is reserved for guests.

Our pergola

Next to Casa Bivignano, a pergola with barbecue area and rustic seating awaits hungry guests.

This is where we like to sit together in the evenings and enjoy good conversation.

Casa Bivignano has 20 hectares of land, countless olive and fruit trees, large pastures for the horses and a lot of forest. Every season has its charm - whether it is the romantic autumn weeks, when the colours glow splendidly and mushroom pickers and hunters are on the prowl. Or the hot dry summer, which is much more bearable here on the hill than in the city, not to mention the velvety nights and pleasant company with culinary highlights and fine vino. Or in spring, when everything is in bloom and nature slowly and joyfully comes back to life. Even the sometimes harsh winter is beautiful in its own way, especially when you can enjoy the cosy evenings in front of the fireplace...

Chiesa di Bivignano

The Chiesa di Bivignano, 500 metres away, is also steeped in history. It belonged to the nobility several hundred years ago and today serves as a place to stay for hunters.

Small hamlets and villages with a friendly population are in the immediate vicinity. The area is not much developed for tourism and is very charming.