Our trekking weeks on horseback are a very special highlight and an incredible experience. We sleep in typical Agriturismi / Farmhouses, dine as God in Italy and enjoy the tuscan countryside, friendly italian people, the breathtaking landscape and of course our reliable Criollos. We stay two days in Bivignano and spend 5 days at the Trek. During these Bivignano days we make sure we find the right horse for you and check your riding ability. You don’t have to be an experienced rider, but need to be in good shape and have the desire to spend a holiday with nice people and friendly horses. Experienced guides will lead you through this unique adventure, trekking groups consist of 5-7 people, your luggage will normally be brought in the evening.

On your second day we leave Bivignano and come back 5 days later. We ride all day long and carry lunch in saddle bags, and of course, some necessary equipment. We ride 5-7 hours a day through this beautiful country, including stops for lunch and some rests for the horses. In the evening we enjoy a meal of traditional local dishes and wines. The treks lead us to Molin Nuovo, Alpe di Poti, Toppole, Badia San Veriana, Ponte alla Piera, direction Lago di Montedoglio, passing Anghiari, Citerna, Monterchi and back to Bivignano or to Monte Dogana, Castiglion Fiorentino, Monte Sant’Egidio, Cortona to Lake Trasimeno, Monte San Maria Tiberina and back to Bivignano. You look over Valdichiana and the Tibervalley, ride on etruscan ways trough mediterranean forest, see beautiful churches, nice houses and roman streets. The landscape is picturesque with olive trees, oaks, chestnuts and pines. In 2016 we organised a 2 week trail to Rimini and back, it was a big adventure! And in 2017 we rode from Rufina to Bivignano - on the Assisi Trail. 2018 we enjoyed the beautiful landscape of Casentino, 150km on horseback, it was an unforgettable adventure for horses and guest and we are always happy to share these special moments with them. In 2019 year we passed Cortona, Castiglion Fiorentino and Rigutino and rode back to Bivignano, a great adventure. 2020 we have been to beautiful places in Tuscany. 2021 we enjoyed the 9 day Rimini Revival Train, we started in Bivignano and ride all over the hills to Rimini. The Tour 2022 started in Bivignano, went through the spectacular umbrian and tuscan landscape and ended in Bivignano. Our Tour 2023 will be planned during the winter months - more informations soon at our Website.

By the way, a 75 old beginner cowboy joined two of our treks, he loved it and will come back to a new trek next year! And we even have a 84 year old rider from England, congratulations to him and to our great horses.

Casa Bivignano | Loc. Bivignano 6 | IT - 52030 Arezzo