Terms and Conditions

While booking you agree to our Terms & Conditions, you will find them here: AGB

Appartments / Rooms & more

Aprikosenhäuschen 4-er Appartement
(1-2 more Beds possible and inclusive)
€ 900 per week
Hexenhäuschen 2-er Appartement € 700 per week
Studio 2 Persons € 500 per week
Eckzimmer 2 Persons € 400 per week
1 more Bed for double rooms / appts
only on special occasions incl. towels
€ 50.00 per week
More Towels Indoor/Outdoor € 5.00
Dogs per week € 50.00
Taxes Arezzo per Person over 12 years and a stay of 4 nights € 6.00

All prices are incl. cleaning at the end of your stay, per week and appt/studio/room, but without all meals. The prices for the double rooms (Studio, Eckzimmer) are including a little breakfast.

Please see our detailed list at the appts / rooms.

Tuscan Dinner 3/4-Course

inkl. Apéro, Vino Tavola, Water, Coffee, 1 Digestiv € 30.00 per Person

Kids until 12 years are paying 15 euro per person (incl. water, soda, tea)

Horseback Riding:

Trail outside 1,5-2h (in the group) € 40.00 per Person
Private Trail 1,5-2h - please ask the trailboss if possible € 65.00 per Person
Cappuccino Ride ca. 3h, incl. Coffee and Sweets € 70.00 per Person
Prosecco Ride ca. 3h, incl. Prosecco and Snacks € 70.00 per Person
Adventurous Cowboyride, ca. 4h € 80.00 per Person
Panini Ride ca. 4h, incl. Sandwich und a light Drink € 80.00 per Person
Barbecue Ride ca. 6h, incl. Food and light Drinks € 110.00 per Person
Day Ride incl. Lunch at a Tuscan Farmhouse € 130.00 per Person
Two Days Ride € 250.00 per Person


Powerriding Weeks:

2020 Price after Request

During the weeks of April 18th and June 13th, we organize our special power riding weeks!  We offer one week accommodation, all meals incl. regular drinks as well as several 2h rides, a half day and / or a day ride as well as a two day ride. The horses and we are looking forward to these special weeks for sporty beginners and experienced riders.


2020 Price after request

Weektrail - 7 days through our beautiful tuscan landscape

May 09, 2020

May 23, 2020

October 3, 2020 (fully booked)

October 17, 2020

For more details and the yearly ride please have a look at the chapter: Trekking

For the year 2021 we are planning a RIMINI revival ride (remember 2016?), already having a few bookings. In case you are interested in this special ride, please let us know. We plan 2 rides in springtime 2021 and 2 trekkings in autumn 2021, it will be an incredible adventure!


Mountain Bike:

Just ask Steven for guided Mountain Bike Tours, if ever possible we lead you through the spectacular landscape.

Guided Mountainbike Tour 2h € 40.00 per Person
Guided Mountainbike Tour 4h € 60.00 per Person
Guided Mountainbike Tour 6h € 90.00 per Person


Walking - Trekking:

Just ask us for guided trekking tours - we also have maps and know these region for many years!


Bivignano - Arezzo Station € 45.00 per Way

For more transfers please ask Patricia - we know a few reliable taxi drivers.

Casa Bivignano | Loc. Bivignano 6 | IT - 52030 Arezzo