Thanks for your help


Dear Bivignano Friends from all over the world

Finally we were allowed to accomodate guests and friends, we are more than happy! Thanks to YOU and our Plan B we are able to bring our 21 horses, 4 cats and Lucy through this difficult time, we will always be grateful. If someone still wants to support us with hay donations or is interested in a sponsorhip, get in touch with us This year is and will be difficult and unfortunately you never know what happens in the future.

The most important thing: the horses are healthy and we think positively and are full of energy! It is so nice to see how our guests enjoy their vacation in safe Bivignano ... For donations, please give the account number with the reference: contributo sostentamento animali emergenza corona virus - erogazione liberale. Our gratitude is huge and cannot be described in words. By the way, in Bivignano you can enjoy wonderful holidays during these times, 10 guests can be spread over 20ha, you don't get too close when riding and the aperitif is also a highlight by far. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Casa Bivignano | Loc. Bivignano 6 | IT - 52030 Arezzo